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WetinBe Ticketing Solution is a cloud based, all encompassing SaaS bus ticketing and reservation solution that offers substantial benefits to all users at very low cost.

It has integrated every aspect of the bus ticketing process, from Customer bookings to back end management services, including automated SMS and email services.

This reduces your cost of ticketing, finance and admin staff and in many cases the WetinBe bus ticketing solution actually pays for itself just in the reduction of staff hours required for accounting, departure control and general administration enquiries.

With detailed first hand implementation and deep technical experience of bus ticketing software in the West African region, WetinBe staff have the in-depth knowledge of how to deliver a stable and robust bus ticketing solution despite the sometime challenges of power and communication disruptions in our region. Many foreign vendors simply do not have this experience and so imported software often needs substantial changes to ensure it delivers in this environment.

The cloud based SaaS WetinBe bus ticketing solution can be implemented on buses, passenger/ car ferries and trains, and configuration of our software to your specific requirements is carried out in-house by WetinBe ensuring you have a seamless transition to running your business more effectively, efficiently and profitably.

WetinBe bus ticketing and reservation software data is held in conditions of utmost security and there are several protection and backup measures to ensure that we keep the integrity of your data intact. Built to cope with our West Africa environment this is a cutting edge solution to your bus ticketing needs with minimised data sizes ensuring the most successful passenger booking experience with minimal bandwidth costs.

WetinBe is a very easy and intuitive solution for users, and most average computer users will be up and running confidently selling bus tickets within one day of training. WetinBe offers full training with installations on a train the trainer basis, so we will train two or three of your staff to be able to train colleagues and manage the bus ticketing and reservation system.

WetinBe ticketing and reservation solution software is suitable for buses, water transport and trains and is highly adaptable to suit these transport systems.

Passenger booking pages are optimised for fast loading and our mobile booking software is quick and easy for your customers to use, ensuring a maximum of completed bookings through immediate payment by credit card. Alternatively using our Book on Hold service, the customer can book their bus ticket online and go to the bank or your ticketing office to pay, at which stage it will become confirmed.

WetinBe Ticketing Solution can easily scale from a one hummer bus, 50 passengers a day operation to many hundreds of buses transporting tens of thousands of passengers a day. As your business grows the WetinBe Bus booking software will easily expand to cope with your needs.

The WetinBe team has substantial experience in design, hosting, implementing and running ticketing solutions in Nigeria, ranging from a two vehicle bus transporter to a large local airline.

To find out more information about WetinBe Ticketing Solutions and our hosting services, or ask for a free no obligation trial, please contact us by clicking here.

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The WetinBe online ticket reservation solution is a value for money, online bus and ferry booking system specifically created for the West African bus and ferry travel market. Built as a reliable SaaS booking solution, the service is available to transporters in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and The Gambia. We welcome enquiries from French speaking West African countries. Scalable from a single ferry operator, to transport companies with thousands of buses, the WetinBe online ticket reservation service has raised the bar for ticketing reservation software solutions in the West African region.