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Features of the WetinBe Bus Ticketing and Courier Waybill Tracking Software

Just think, within days you can be offering your passengers the convenience of your very own on-line bus ticket booking and reservation service, reducing your booking costs and at the same time increasing your operational efficiency.

It is also reliably shown that the integration of an online bus ticket booking service ensures customer repeat purchases, as customers keep ticket details on their internet devices for many months after their journey and recommend you to others from there.

Fully customisable to your needs, the WetinBe bus ticketing software works for you 24/7/365, guaranteeing you a bus ticket reservations office that is never closed.

As part of our service we will even include the design, management and hosting of your web pages so that customers can find you online. Your customers can then find you on google and other search engines. If you use an option of us creating and hosting a 5 page web site your web pages will be hosted on our servers, and will advertise your business to the world.

Simple to install, configure and operate, your use of the WetinBe Ticketing solution will allow you to concentrate on running the core part of your business.... the part that makes you money. But at the same time, you will have the peace of mind that we are working seamlessly in the background to give your passengers a fantastic, easy ticket purchase experience.

WetinBe bus ticket and reservation software is scalable from single bus operators to operators managing fleets of thousands of buses. This bus ticketing software truly builds with your needs. So whatever size of operation you are, contact us today to discuss how we can work together.

WetinBe support doesn't stop with the supply of our our software — we're experienced software developers that stand behind the work that we have created. Your account comes with our full no quibble support so you can be confident we are with you every step of the way.

Unlike many software designers we absolutely ensure that the website and booking pages designed for you will work on all device types. Always remember that these days, as well as viewing your site and purchasing their tickets on desktops and laptops, sites are viewed on iPads, iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, Symbians, Windows mobiles and even TVs. If you are technically inclined, our software is W3C standards compliant, uses CSS and is optimised to use the minimum bandwidth, saving you time and costs and guaranteeing reliability and scalability.

We create and implement a fully responsive design for all your web pages ensuring your site and booking pages load and look great on any type of screen – from a large desktop screen to the smallest smart phone, ensuring your every sales avenue is optimised.


The WetinBe Ticketing Solution is designed to accept bus ticket bookings from your passengers on-line or sell your bus tickets through your ticketing staff directly to passengers. The WetinBe Ticketing Solution manages all ticketing aspects of your business quickly and efficiently, checking fraud by staff and increasing your sales.

Using our WetinBe Ticketing Solution enables you to:

  • Create reservations

  • Create Routes and Timetables

  • Create Payment types- Cash, Credit Cards, Book on Hold etc

  • Use our fully automated Courier booking and Waybill tracking pages.

  • Add Bus Models, schedules and seating plans

  • Add Bus to Routes

  • View Passenger Lists

  • Produce financial accounting reports, including money taken per bus/ per route

  • Produce detailed seats sold reports to advise you of the profitability on routes

  • Let you see at a glance your buses On Time Performance

  • Have control of your departure control system in other cities.


Passenger bus ticket bookings are made through a simple booking process. Your customers select travel date, journey start and end, and then continue through the easy to use booking operation, including seat selection from interactive bus seat maps within the booking page. Payment can be by Book on Hold, Credit Card or cash.

A bus ticket is then issued that they can download, print out or send to an email address or phone number they choose.

  • The quick and easy booking pages ensure that customers enter the minimum data required to speed up their booking time.

  • Customer contact details are saved and can be used for future marketing campaigns

  • Customer chooses seat at booking- no more over booked seats

  • Booked tickets can be one way, return or open return depending on your choice

  • If on-line payment is enabled by you, then methods of payment can be by Credit Card, Cash or Book on Hold

  • Tickets purchased on-line are sent to your customers by email and sms

  • Queues are reduced at your ticket office as your bus tickets are pre purchased


Once you have your bus ticketing solution or website hosted with us, we will include your travel routes and website in our homepage search engine so that passengers can easily find you and book their travels directly on your website.

This is a totally free service and our search engine optimisation team will optimise your web pages to ensure your business will be found on google rankings and from the social media adverts and other internet-based pages WetinBe advertises on.


As part of your ticketing solution we also include for free of charge use, our Courier and Waybill Tracking software.

Completely branded to your organisation, this popular Courier software module allows you to track all waybill shipments and automatically advise your customers by email and SMS about the status of their Waybills. As the customer is automatically informed at every stage on their waybill progress from handover to arrival, this software gives a considerable reduction in the time spent by transporters managing the waybills progress through their operations


WetinBe has decades of experience integrating value added services into booking systems. Value added services are services that can be incorporated into your booking system that can be sold during the booking and give an instant, additional profit to the operator, often for minimal or no additional cost.

Examples of this could be fees for extra leg room which the customer can pay at time of booking. With careful integration of value added services the transport operator can see an immediate increase in profits for what can be little or no extra effort or cost. We will discuss examples of VAS in our pre-implementation meeting.


Reservation Controls ensure that back end management of reservations can take place at any stage in the booking process. You can quickly and easily change bookings and assist passengers with any changes they may wish to make. Your ticketing agents can also manually add bookings to our bus ticketing software, increasing passenger confidence and your business profile ensuring that you:

  • Reduce fraud

  • Eliminate double bookings

  • Can view all booking details

  • Can view travel agents and your ticket agents entering bookings and reservations data manually

  • Can produce an Emergency list immediately, by print or email with passenger name, contact and next of kin details


Departure Controls are an important measure of your Operations team performance and can be benchmarked by you against your organisation KPIs.

Departure control is implemented within the bus ticketing software so you have immediate information of time of departure, number of boarded passengers, and the bus on time performance. As soon as your bus departs the station you will be able to see this, ensuring that your on time performance (OTP) data is up to date and in real time.

All this data is sent back from the driver or station managers hand held device. Within the departure control software is an option for the driver to sell bus tickets to last minute (go-show) passengers. The WetinBe Ticket Solution DCS is acknowledged to be the best in the business sending real time information and records back to head office.


Financial controls are built into the WetinBe bus ticketing software and all financial transactions are logged against the user for your security.

Drivers have an option where they can sell bus tickets mid-route, and all funds collected this way are fully traceable to the driver until point of handover to the ticket agents or finance department.

Payments can be received by credit card, customer payment into your bank, or manually at authorised centres.

At point of payment, all Credit Card sales are credited immediately and directly to your account and so funds are available to you for the journey often before the journey commences. It is not unusual to sell out a bus weeks or months in advance, giving plenty of notice to either add a bigger or an extra bus on that route.

There are many permutations for payment gateways and so as these are country specific, we integrate these to suit local requirements.

There are many customisable features within the Finance Control Module including:

  • Multi Currency transactions with payments in currency you choose

  • Adjustable Book On Hold time

  • Accept/ Deny payment types

  • Send Customised emails

  • Redirection back to your thank you page after payment

  • Provide bank Account details for bank Payment


WetinBe charges amounts agreed during implementation phase, and these charges depend on many factors such as amount of management input you require us to do, your passenger volumes, number of buses and specific additions and changes of our code to your requirements.

WetinBe does not charge a minimum monthly fee, as we believe that if your business slows, (for instance due to a seasonal reduction of bus ticket sales), then our charges to you must be proportionally reduced, and not kept at an unsustainable level for you to pay.

Our costs will be fully explained and itemised before contract signing and these costs are specifically tailored to your business as it is today, and clearly itemised if your business expands over the contract period.


WetinBe has a zero tolerance to fraud in its bus ticket and reservation software solution.

Ticketing and Financial fraud can take place from staff within passenger transport organisations or from outside threats, and there are built in, automated anti-fraud checks and controls in our software that will cancel transactions and report to your Internal Audit Control if specific patterns are observed.

We also employ a dedicated ticket fraud adviser who will be able to assist in the tracing of specific instances of ticketing fraud and assist with forensically detailed transaction reports that can be used as evidence if needed.

Fraudsters methods evolve with time and so our reservation solution anti fraud measures are reviewed by our security teams every week but immediately in instances where fraud is notified to us. It is company policy to upgrade our anti fraud measures to block new threats within 4 hours of the assessment.

Whilst for security reasons we cannot divulge details of our anti-fraud controls, we work closely with our clients Internal Audit teams to block fraudulent transactions before they are confirmed as ticketed, and where areas of abuse from internal threats are registered, these are reported to the client employer for their internal actions.


Our software is built to be extremely robust and simple to use, and intentionally rugged to remain trustworthy and reliable in our West African environment. We all work with the challenges of occasional power cuts and communication breaks and our software has been designed to work consistently allowing for these factors. Foreign software vendors simply do not understand or build in the recognition of inconsistent infrastructure that we have, and neither do they understand the unique concept of bus parks we have here in West Africa. As a result you will find our booking reservation services have excellent stability and ease of use for the passenger and transporter in our actual working environments.

Our products can work just as well on a cellphone as a PC or laptop and are optimised to use the minimal bandwidth possible to increase your loading speeds and reliability of services, but at the same time keep your bandwidth costs low.

As a result:

  • You have very fast loading standard layouts ( Passenger booking and back end administration) in your site colours.

  • Your online web enabled bus ticketing solution can be used with any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Internet enabled device.

  • Pages are easily customised to include your company logo and contact address

  • A true flexibly scalable Booking system ranging in size from the one man operator who can manage his entire business bookings on his cellphone up to a multi bus ticket station several thousand buses passenger business carrying millions of passengers a year.


There are extensive customisation settings for the software that you can incorporate into your booking pages and administration back end.

A simply designed administration screen with full instructions takes you through areas that you can customise yourself including:

  • Add your logo and address to pages

  • Customised Tickets

  • Set users and their access levels

  • View Reports

  • Set communication protocols

  • Define currency

  • Set Route List

  • Set reports

WetinBe special projects staff are also able to carry out extensive customising for you, including language changes to any language.


Starting to use the online WetinBe bus ticketing Solution is far easier and quicker than you would think.

All you need to do is to contact us and we will endeavour to have your new installation up and running within days.

Once we train you online to use our software you will be selling bus tickets online within two days.

If you are investigating changing from your existing provider contact us to arrange how we can implement a seamless cut-over to the WetinBe bus ticketing and reservation solution.

And remember... You don´t have a website? …...Don´t worry because as part of our service we will even design, manage and host your fully operational 5 page website up for you. All you need do is send us your company photographs and content and we will do the rest.


The WetinBe Bus ticket booking and reservation software is the ideal booking engine for West African transporters, and has been designed by experienced experts in Ticketing Software. We know when you implement our service you will see a massive improvement in your business productivity and profits. Other benefits that you will gain for using our our bus ticket reservation system include:

  • Payment for bus tickets is received direct to your account before the journey

  • Cloud Hosting (SaaS) means to do not have to employ any IT support

  • Your free website increases your company's presence and ticket sales worldwide

  • Free advertising on WetinBe pages, Google advertising and Social Media

  • Keep track of your income with management reports

  • Robust Software

  • Customisable to your requirements

  • Easy online bus ticket booking process for your passengers

  • You can dynamically adjust your seat inventory pricing to maximise your revenue

  • Reduce ticket fraud with our in-built anti-fraud tracking logs

  • Mobile friendly passenger booking pages.

  • Bus e-tickets are produced so can be easily delivered anywhere on earth by by email/ SMS

  • User adjustable access levels in the admin back end limit your sensitive data on a need to know basis

  • Secure and confidential data hosting

  • Simple to use, with online training and support

  • Travel Agents can use for Free

  • Departure control system allows you to track your drivers and vehicles on time performance

  • Bus tickets can be purchased on line or offline

  • Your bus seat inventory is tightly controlled

  • Centralised customer data

  • Scalable from one or two buses to over 1000 buses so our service can grow with you.

  • Built specifically for our West African Market

  • WetinBe management have years of experience implementing ticket reservation and booking systems in West Africa

Thank you for going through our features, and for or more details, or to arrange a demonstration of our services, please click here. We normally respond within one working day.

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The WetinBe online ticket reservation solution is a value for money, online bus and ferry booking system specifically created for the West African bus and ferry travel market. Built as a reliable SaaS booking solution, the service is available to transporters in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and The Gambia. We welcome enquiries from French speaking West African countries. Scalable from a single ferry operator, to transport companies with thousands of buses, the WetinBe online ticket reservation service has raised the bar for ticketing reservation software solutions in the West African region.