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WetinBe Wi-Fi In-Bus Entertainment (IBE)

The dawn of the golden age of bus travel has just begun. WetinBe In-Bus Entertainment

The WetinBe IBE Wi-Fi player is a value for money, onboard, transporter branded Wi-Fi in bus entertainment (IBE) system making bus travel more comfortable for your passengers. WetinBe IBE player gives your passengers, whilst on the move in your vehicles the option to:

  • Surf the Internet
  • View Videos without connecting to the internet.
  • Listen to Music without connecting to the internet.

Transporters may set which options their passengers can use. Videos and music are delivered immediately with absolutely no buffering or time delays.

Passengers in West Africa have been clamouring for in bus entertainment for many years and the WetinBe IBE Wi-Fi player is a true airline quality entertainment system that far exceeds passenger expectations. To keep transporters purchase costs to the absolute minimum, the in bus videos and music are received directly on the passengers personal devices which can be mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

Bus passengers can use the WetinBe IBE Wi-Fi player, either as a free to use service or the service can be charged as a value added sales during ticket purchase by the transporter.

The IBE comprises of a small powerful Wi-Fi modem, (dimensions 60mm by 60mm by 20mm) that is plugged into a cigarette lighter socket on the vehicle. There are no setup or technical requirements to install the WiFi player and your passengers can enjoy the on board media within seconds of plugging in. WetinBe IBE player is a true plug and play Wi-Fi system and can easily be moved from bus to bus by the bus driver.

There is no requirement to access the internet when music or video files are being used by passengers. This means a completely uninterrupted passenger user experience as using the WetinBe IBE Wi-Fi player guarantees that videos and music do not slow down or stop when the transporters vehicle is out of internet coverage areas.

Passengers log in by setting the WetinBe IBE Wi-Fi player front screen on their device to the transporters name, and then open their browsers. They then use their devices browser to view the Internet or stream from up to 100hours of of movies, 10 hours of TV shows, and 50 audiobooks and music albums. The content is streamed over the buses’ Wi-Fi and can easily be updated by the transporter when new content is required.

There is no requirement for Internet to be enabled at any time. Should the transporter only want to supply uninterrupted Video and Music to passengers, this is possible without an internet connection and its associated charges.

WetinBe IBE Wi-Fi player is a true airline standard entertainment system, and moves the bus travel experience to a much more pleasant level for the passengers, at the same time increasing passenger brand loyalty.

Video and Movies Onboard

Transporter Movies are divided into different channels (categories) customised and set by the Transporter. The Passenger selects the movie channel type and then sees a list of all available movies of that type for them to view. An example could be

    • Nollywood Movies
    • Ghana Movies
    • Bollywood
    • Children Films
    • Romance … etc

Music Onboard

Transporter music is separated into different 'channels' customised and set by the Transporter. An example could be

    • Naija Music
    • Ghana Music
    • Bollywood
    • Rock and Roll
    • Romantic Music
    • Jazz ...etc

When a channel (category) is selected (for instance Naija Music), then a list of all Nigerian Artists will be displayed. Once a particular artist is selected then all their songs will display, and a a particular song, or all their songs can be left to autoplay play, depending on your passenger selection. Transporters can include music to please everyone, and can easily add or delete songs at will.

Internet On Board

Internet allows your passengers to check e-mails, surf the web, play games and connect to your corporate website- all at broadband speed. All users use one Internet connection and cannot access streaming media, or video online. The download total limit allowed per passenger is set by the transporter. 25Mb- 100Mb is recommended. There are six different categories that WetinBe Internet IBE player will not allow, as the internet provider restricts access to the following websites:

    • Adware
    • File storage
    • File sharing
    • Pornographic materials
    • Software updates
    • Media streaming

Internet service quality varies depending on the location of the bus and Internet signals may not be available at certain points en-route.

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The WetinBe online ticket reservation solution is a value for money, online bus and ferry booking system specifically created for the West African bus and ferry travel market. Built as a reliable SaaS booking solution, the service is available to transporters in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and The Gambia. We welcome enquiries from French speaking West African countries. Scalable from a single ferry operator, to transport companies with thousands of buses, the WetinBe online ticket reservation service has raised the bar for ticketing reservation software solutions in the West African region.