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How The Wetinbe In Bus Entertainment Player Works

The WetinBe IBE player is a very light and compact but powerful moving transport Wi-Fi technology. The high specification WetinBe IBE (In Bus Entertainment) player is a robust, self-contained portable Wi Fi wireless media device designed to be a practical and value for money entertainment solution for fast, affordable and immediate Wi-Fi on taxis, buses and luxury coaches, and is designed to work in all vehicles on the move. Passengers receive their entertainment through the WiFi provided on the vehicle in a standard manner they are used to,There are no complications required of downloading apps or changes to their device settings.

The WetinBe IBE wifi player can also provide wifi for static applications such as hotel receptions and and waiting rooms. There is no requirement for an external antenna. Installation is simple: Just plug it into USB phone charger, and the Wi-Fi works immediately.

Your bus passengers can receive their on board internet through the WetinBe IBE player. The WetinBe IBE player connects to a cellular modem that transmits your passengers data to cell phone towers. Note that data transmission rates are slow compared to a stationary wired connection – it would be difficult to watch a streaming movie or play an online game on the bus due to limitations with the internet links from the cell phone company..

But your passengers will be able to send whatsapp messages, surf their emails and view their social media accounts with ease.

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The WetinBe online ticket reservation solution is a value for money, online bus and ferry booking system specifically created for the West African bus and ferry travel market. Built as a reliable SaaS booking solution, the service is available to transporters in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and The Gambia. We welcome enquiries from French speaking West African countries. Scalable from a single ferry operator, to transport companies with thousands of buses, the WetinBe online ticket reservation service has raised the bar for ticketing reservation software solutions in the West African region.