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Privacy Policy

1.WetinBe Policy 

This policy defines WetinBe position regarding the collection, use and storage of your personal information, as well as the collection and use of your information, as well as the use of cookies and other technology, in relation to our email and SMS messaging, Social Media postings and our website and sub domains at www.wetinbe.com.

In this document we identify what data collection methods (including cookies) we use, what information we collect and how it will be shared.

By visiting www.wetinbe.com, you consent to our processing of your information as set out in this privacy policy and to the use of the technology identified.

If you have any requests or queries, or would like to be removed from our mailing list, contact us by clicking here.

2. Collection and Use of your data

2.a We collect data to our database servers and use other data collection methods including cookies and there are other methods of technology and data collection options used on our website. The data we collate  is used for viewing seat inventory and purchasing services, gathering statistics and analytics on our website traffic and visitor behaviour, requesting user comments and receiving information from our contact pages.

We utilise third party cookies and other technologies through our website. Some are from advertisers and transport companies with links on our site. These technologies place cookies and JavaScripts in your web browser cache, and may use “I Frames” or other technology to show third party content.

You may disable cookies and java scripts through your browser security settings, but parts of our website and many other websites you visit may not work correctly if your security settings are set at a very high level. If this is the case please use another device with a lower security setting to access our website.

2.b Information we collect.

We try and collect the minimum amount of information, but enough to provide a high quality ticketing and reservation service service that is safe and secure for all our users.

We collect names, login in information and all information entered into our forms by our users.

We also collect users browser information, including browser make (e.g.Safari,Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer , Chrome), your operating system (e.g. Mac OS7 OSX, Android, Microsoft Windows).

When you use our website, details of the journey you’re looking to purchase, the IP address you are visiting from, and your email address are collected and processed as you complete your details. In the unlikely event of booking failure, you may be contacted using your email address you provided to offer help in completion of the transaction.

2.c How we use this information.

Your details and privacy are taken extremely seriously by us but to process your transaction and contact you with the outcomes we will need to use your data you provide to:

  • process all transactions you require on the account;

  • answer website enquiries;

  • complete all ticket purchases or other transactions through our website;

  • log various usage and statistical information about your use of our website;

  • manage the website and analyse statistics about site visitors

  • inform you about WetinBe and new services

  • send you, or permit selected third parties to provide you with details of special promotions, competitions, new products and services that may be of interest to you.

  • advise of website modifications and upgrades;

  • improve the website

  • track and manage advertising.

You may opt out of all communications from us at any time.

2.d We share your information.

There are circumstances where we will share your information and these are to:

  • Government regulatory bodies,and our lawyers and auditors

  • Other companies within our group

  • Persons empowered with a valid court order;

  • third party service providers

  • agents acting on our behalf

  • Providers of any outside sourced services and technologies

  • In instances where fraud is reported to the Police

2.e Where we store your information?

Your data is stored in West Africa, The United States and The European Union for security and business continuity purposes.

By use of our site you agree to the secure storage of data in these locations. Backup data is stored as encrypted files.

3.a Retention

We will retain your personal data for a period of six years for Governmental regulatory audits. After this time it will be destroyed but an archive file will be retained to satisfy any long term legal or financial purposes.

3.b Access Rights

You do not have any rights of access to the information we hold and it is company policy that this information is not to be released, even to the original creator of the data.

3.c Unsubscribe emails

You may opt out of receiving WetinBe email by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any emails we send to you.

3.d Information amendments

Any changes in your personal information can only be made at the time of booking, or in future releases where you may be permitted your own personal travel account.

4.a Policy modifications

All modifications to this privacy policy will be posted online.policy under which it was collected.

4.b Securing your data

We will use our best endeavours to safeguard your data and ensure that:

All our storage is secure in secure locations

Non of your credit card details are placed or stored on our servers

That all payment transactions are passed directly to the payment bank servers to process

However WetinBe cannot guarantee the security of your personal information transferred to us over the internet, particularly if unsecured wifi hot spots are used.

4.c WetinBe promise

We promise our intention to meet our obligations under this privacy policy statement.

4.d Legal Entity

WetinBe Nigeria Limited is a privately owned limited liabilty company registered in Abuja, Nigeria

4.e Disclaimer

Whilst we publish schedules and data from transporters and client companies, WetinBe does not accept any liability for any loss, injury or damage in any form due to use of the data on this website or as a result of relying on inaccurate data received from this site.

Your use is entirely at your own risk, and there is no contract, written, verbal or implied between you and WetinBe should you make any transactions through introductions to companies you have met on this site.

We shall have no liability for any loss or damage you suffer as a result of relying on any fact or statement that proves to be incorrect.

You absolve WetinBe from any damages whatsoever that you may receive due to your visits to other sites by your  clicking here. hyper links from WetinBe webpages.

If you do not accept the terms of this disclaimer please leave the WetinBe web pages now.

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The WetinBe online ticket reservation solution is a value for money, online bus and ferry booking system specifically created for the West African bus and ferry travel market. Built as a reliable SaaS booking solution, the service is available to transporters in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and The Gambia. We welcome enquiries from French speaking West African countries. Scalable from a single ferry operator, to transport companies with thousands of buses, the WetinBe online ticket reservation service has raised the bar for ticketing reservation software solutions in the West African region.